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Cornerstone is pleased to offer you HR branding.

Our consultants, making use of their 10-year experience in personnel management and knowledge of best practice, have developed a system for creation of an effective HR-brand, and are ready to offer methods for developing new and successfully implementing existing strategies for HR-branding.

We are ready to assess the external and internal perceptions of your company as an employer, study employee satisfaction in terms of financial and other incentives, elaborate and transmit your unique Employer Value Proposition, develop and introduce a system of work with a reserve pool (including working with youth students and graduates).

Introduction of a comprehensive system of assessment, a grading system, and improving the system of internal communications may all play individual roles in this service.

Preparation for the HR-Brand of the Year competition, instituting cooperation with federal educational authorities and leading providers of higher education are all possibilities which we can now help you to realise!

Our cooperation with you begins with a free mini-audit and the joint formulation of project aims and objectives

Among the teams successful projects:

  • Elaboration and implementation of a brand promotion strategy, annual HR marketing plans (a western diversified corporation, one of the worlds top -10 manufacturing companies, 84 000 employees)
  • Introducing systems of work with students and young professionals (a Russian production company, in 2nd place in Russia by production volumes, 61 000 employees)
  • Creating a unified, automated system to form a reserve pool, to build a career, assessment and development of managers at all levels (a Russian finance corporation, in the top-10 of Russian companies by earnings, more than 100 000 employees)
  • Optimising the organisational structure (a major bank at the federal level, in the TOP-5 in Russia, 20 000 employees)
  • Creating a system of internal communications (a European retail company, 4 500 employees)

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