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Trainings and workshops

Speakers and Trainers:

Cornerstone Top managers are specialists with experience of working in HR for more than 10 years, acknowledged experts in their field. Prior to becoming consultants many of them had successful careers as personnel directors, or ran their own businesses, and so they are well-versed in the problems which modern HR managers come up against. Each day we work with hundreds of the most diverse companies on the market, repositories of the best practices in the HR field. We value your time and rapidly find relevant solutions which have been tested in practice, taking account of the features of your business and our many years of experience.

Every day we have discussions with a great number of candidates, helping specialists to build their career and reach the heights of their profession. We know precisely how to achieve success!

Each trainer has their own specialisation and circle of professional interests, and also great accumulated knowledge, and examples of their practice and ideas which they are willing to share with their audiences.

We are ready to organise:

  • Webinars
  • Lectures or master classes at the Clients premises (including in Russias regions and abroad)
  • Lectures, seminars, and master classes at universities
  • Individual lessons and training at Cornerstones office or by SKYPE

Examples of training courses for HR specialists:

  • Building an HR brand in a company
  • Headhunting
  • Features of different types of interview and their use in practice
  • WEB Recruiting
  • Individual training courses at a clients request

Examples of coaching for TOP managers:

  • Career planning
  • Individual training courses at a clients request
  • Examples of training courses for young specialists and graduates:
  • Career planning for specialists in diverse areas
  • Reality of interviews. Rules for a successful interview
  • Intelligent positioning of yourself, how to achieve success
  • How to build a career in HR
  • Individual training courses at a clients request

Training courses held over the past year:

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  • A lecture for young entrepreneurs in Western Siberia, given by Vladislav Bykhanov
  • Webinar for personnel directors: Development of HR the companys brand, organised by the journal The Personnel Director, led by Vladislav Bykhanov
  • Master class for students at MGIMO on career planning, led by Olga Voroshilova
  • Training course: Effective working as recruitment specialists for staff at Unity Personnel Agency, given by Vladislav Bykhanov
  • Training course: HR Commissar, or what is a modern HR like? in the framework of III Trans-Urals Forum for Young Entrepreneurs in Kurgan, led by Vladislav Bykhanov
  • Training course: How to organise the process of selecting and motivating staff in a start-up, Forum for Young Entrepreneurs, Seliger, led by Vladislav Bykhanov


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Everything that Vladislav expressed in the training session I will use every day. Attendance helped me to place everything in its rightful place. I noticed gaps in my work, and I know how to repair them.

The Master Class held at MGIMO by Olga Voroshilova, one of the leading head-hunters and recruiters in Russia, was, in the students opinion, one of the most interesting and useful in the series of master classes organised by the dean of the Faculty of International Journalism in 2013. Among the facultys guests were many successful people who are influential in their sphere, including the adviser Alexei Kudrin, press secretary to the deputy chairman of the RF Government, and HR directors of major western companies. However, from the purely practical viewpoint several of these master classes brought the students so much important knowledge on topical subjects which cause young specialists concern. It was all specific, without any carefully prepared clichés or banal information of no use to anyone. And it was this that distinguished the master class of Olga Voroshilova from those of many other guests at the Faculty of International Journalism. In speaking to her audience of students, she did not spend an hour expatiating about what a fantastic company she works for, what kind of far-sighted projects she has, and how competently and carefully the company is organised internally (a mistake made by many invited lecturers). She moved straightaway to things which genuinely interest and directly affect the students. And that is the key to leading a successful master class.

The Webinar was useful and informative. My impressions are all positive, easy-to-understand useful information. Vladislav Bykhanov, the director, is able to present information which is clear and well-developed. Nothing superfluous, just the essentials. Top marks.

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