We are 20!

We are 20!

In 2013 we celebrate our professional anniversary 20 years in the market!
Over this period the company has become 10 times as big, has increased the areas of specialisation by a multiple of 5 and fulfilled more than 10 000 orders at many different levels. 80% of orders come from our existing clients.

Yes, now we are 20!

Is that a lot? Quite a few, perhaps, because over these years we have risen and declined together with the Russian economy, our team has grown from five people to 120, and our candidate database has been transformed from reams of hand-written CVs into a unique electronic catalogue of 350 000 specialists!

And at the same time, 20 years is too few! Because we are full of a professional passion, we dont stand still and are ready for everything that is new and captivating!

In this section we tell you about the professionals who are helping the company to grow and develop, about the most loyal employees who have been with us for 10, 15 and even 20 years!

We tell you about candidates who have forged their career path with Cornerstone and about our successful Alumni!

And, of course, we tell you about our long-standing friendship with clients, and also about how one unique specialist chosen at just the right time may change the entire history of a companys development!

Cornerstone for 20 years we have created stars for Your Business!

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