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Because of the large number of difficulties in the various stages of implementing real estate projects, resolution of which depends exclusively on the professional skills of specialist staff, companies in this market, despite an overall trend to more openness, nevertheless try to minimise information about their employees and personnel policy so as to avoid the possibility of headhunting by their competitors.
Such secrecy in the market makes almost an art form of recruitment, since most methods for choosing staff in the real estate business are almost of no avail, and information about the most competent professionals is usually unavailable.

In 2003 Cornerstone established its Real Estate Department, whose main objective was not only efficient staff selection, but also collecting the greatest amount of data on the features of both the market and its major players.
This department has a staff of 10. Over theeight years of its operation it has compiled a database of potential candidates which includes information on more than 10 000 employees. The information accumulated on this market helped us to conduct a comprehensive survey of the real estate personnel market, and it was nominated for an award at Building Awards 2006.
Today, Cornerstones Real Estate Department is a market leader.

Main directions of search:

- Constuction directors
- Investment analists
- Specialists for search of construction sites
- Project managers
- Specialists of real estate and business evaluation
- Specialists of cooperation with state bodies
- Marketing analists

Successful projects:

Executive search

- Investment director in the international bank
- Associate construction director in large development company
- Associate director in development department in large russian bank
- Marketing director in famous development company
- Property manager in international bank
- Vice-president of infrastructure in large development company

Management selection
- Marketing director
- Constuction director
- Project managers
- Head of consulting department
- Head of sales department
- Facility manager
- Head of real estate department

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