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According to experts of the WTO, the Russian Federation ranks 15th in the world classification on attendance by foreigners that is 2.5% of the world market of inbound tourism.   Besides traditional routes Moscow -Saint-Petersburg, other regions have become increasingly popular. This is due to a rapidly growing recreational infrastructure, development of new destinations for tourism, as well as relative affordability of prices for accommodation. 

According to the experts by 2016 already Russia can quite enter the top 10 most popular tourist destinations, but for this purpose the Russian hotel business will have to work hard.   For several years so far Moscow is one of noticeable points on the "restaurant map" of the world – 5 thousand restaurants, just so many places are ready to open their doors to visitors.  However, according to the world standards it isn't enough, for example, there are 15 thousand restaurants in Paris.

New restaurants and hotel complexes are experiencing acute shortage in heads and experts of the most different qualification.  Over the years of work in the market the Cornerstone's Hospitality department has proved itself as the reliable partner in selection of various groups of the personnel from waiters and maids to general managers of hotels and heads of restaurant networks for the largest Russian and foreign companies.  

According to PWC, the average annual rate of growth of the entertainment market and the media in Russia is 10.1%.

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