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Optional HR-solutions

Cornerstone Consulting will help you to boost efficiency of enterprise management under tightened conditions of todays market whenever it is necessary.

Our consultants who have practical experience in enterprise management will carry out rapid tests of your management system across key functional blocs of the Company.

Based on the results of these tests we will outline and coordinate with you priorities in projects of improving one or several management areas.

If theres a need to increase operational efficiency of the business we will help to:

  • Successfully integrate newly acquired assets
  • Predetermine strategic goals and priorities, clear up who is responsible for achieving these goals
  • Develop and implement an up-to-date system of compensation and personnel motivation taking into account changed priorities
  • Optimize personnel costs
  • Unite senior management into a team, set up for dynamic and effective overcoming of crises.
  • Develop and implement an organizational development system
  • Optimize business processes

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